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Hi! I'm Ross James, how are you? Even though you're staring at a screen and we haven't met in person (yet!), it's nice to meet you! I am a freelance fashion/portrait photographer mostly in the Northwest US and South Korea. I grew up in the northwest states of America (just about every one of them), and have spent 6 of my more recent years in Korea. You can read about my professional credentials below, but none of them can begin to describe how rewarding and just plain fun it is to be involved in documenting people's greatest moments. Life is good!

What type of wedding photography is your favorite? Do you prefer bright colors or are you more drawn to black and white? I'll do my best to describe my preferred photography style in the following paragraphs, but the most important question is: What do YOU want your wedding photos to look like?

My approach to wedding photography is a combination of fashion directed pictures and photo-journalistic story telling. Based on your preferences and photography style, I collaborate with you to create the mood and concept of your wedding pictures. If you are open to the idea, I also like to shoot a post-wedding fashion session to get more fun and creative photos now that the stress of the wedding day has past.

Since 2005, when I first called myself a photographer, I've been obsessed with applying extreme lighting to otherwise ordinary situations. Although I'm always experimenting and evolving, my “style” consistently lends to colorful, fashion inspired images. I always knew that I wanted to create creative, conceptual photography and I have found fashion to be a good outlet for that. Of course, your entire wedding day can't be all about fashion photos, but I try to sneak in a few "mini-fashion sessions" whenever I can. :)

I enjoy being on-location and out in the elements which allows the possibilities for creative concepts and unique locations. 

A little more about me and my photography career:

I would say I am a half self-taught, half school/mentor taught photographer. Before and during a photography minor I was very anxious to learn at my own pace so I experimented on my own and sought out mentors who gave me that early confidence.

Since officially launching my business in 2007, I've attracted clients worldwide and have been commissioned for portraits and weddings on the North American continent everywhere from Orlando, FL to B.C. Canada as well as in Korea and Japan. And photographed for other clients such as New Balance Korea, various Korean clothing brands and designers, and the house of Seoul Fashion Week. My work has been published in editions of GQ, Acquire, Elle and L'officiel. I've shot editorials/stories for several magazines such as DList magazine, Washington Magazine, 10 Magazine, Groove Magazine, Fashion Network Seattle, Yakima Bridal Magazine, Fabturn, and more.
Pre 2009, My photography was featured on websites such as FashionPhotographyBlog.com and TheStillImageWithCrashTaylor.com and my wedding photography was featured on the nationally acclaimed "Trash the Dress" wedding fashion website and I received awards for my photo editing on the Don't Box Us In photographer internet network. Besides photographing weddings and commercial jobs, I enjoy shooting my favorite bands. I've had the privilege of photographing U2, Metric, Spoon and other bands while photographing for a music review site, Beatcrave. If you haven't already, you can check out my commercial portfolio here.

If you have any questions about my photography, or if you want to contact me about a photo shoot Click Here.

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