Shane & Danielle's Wedding

2012 Flash Back!
First I must apologize to Danielle and Shane for this super late post...
I have enjoyed photographing Shane and Danielle before their wedding as well as their wedding day. They have an energy and positive spirit about them and I can say we have become friends over the last several years.

A little background info: In 2010 while up in Seattle, I photographed a band - Eclectic Approach. The photos were used for their current album cover design and Shane is the guy who did the album design. So at the time I was working with him through email sending him the images for the band's album. Now, in Tri-Cities, at their wedding reception, the same band Eclectic Approach played live. Such a small world! haha

Well, here's a little bit about the wedding (that I still remember after 5 years). The bridesmaids started getting ready at House of Style downtown Kennewick, WA. Then in the afternoon both the wedding parties relaxed and finished up touch ups at their nearby home in Tri-Cities. With the long sunlight of the July days, they had an outdoor evening ceremony at Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery. The reception rock and rolled into the night with the help of Eclectic Approach.

A trip to Andong

I recently went to Andong City in South Korea to take photos of the traditional villages and surroundings for a restaurant in Seoul that serves Andong style food. I had heard of the city and even tried the famous Andong soju before, but had never been there to take photos. A photo of one of the small villages there is the image that was printed on the Korean 1,000 won bill (equivalent to $1) for many years.
Unfortunately the day the restaurant owner and I set to go was raining nearly all day logn and I was forced to shoot from under and umbrella most of the day. But we still saw plenty of the town and made some good photos. Hope I get a chance to go back in better weather!

Woryeonggyo Bridge 월영교

안동시 대한민국 명소

Northwest Here I Come (Back From Korea)

I am going back to WA state!

It's been nearly 6 years since I've moved out to Korea and I'm sorry to say I put this blog on hold even though I've shot some weddings here and there which I could have been posting.
So I'll start here by sharing some highlights from a few weddings several years back.

The couples (in order): 
Amy & Lupe
Vanessa & Josh
Danielle & Shane
Kimberly & Brannon

Paul & Jackie's Wedding

Paul and Jackie's wedding took place at Red Barns Farm near Pullman, WA. Paul is a fellow wedding photographer, so we knew this day was going to be different. And it was. He was willing to do anything we suggested, no matter how crazy the request. So there was plenty of leaping, ninja skills, and stripping. While shooting the cake cutting, he turned to a relative and said, “Please move over a little bit so the photographer can get the shot.” Really?! That's never happened before. It was awesome! Both Paul and Jackie expressed an interest in fashion focused wedding photos so we brought a bunch of magazine ads for inspiration. The wedding guests were festive, the mood was cozy, and it was a great wedding overall. Thanks for including us your day, Paul and Jackie!

Sharon & Matt's Wedding

Sharon and Matt had a beautiful traditional ceremony at University Presbyterian Chruch in the U-District neighborhood of Seattle. Despite less than desirable weather, the happy couple and their wedding party went to Gasworks Park for some pre-wedding photos. Everyone made the best of the situation and we did our best to incorporate umbrellas in as many photos as we could. After the ceremony, everyone headed to an intimate reception at Lake Union Cafe in Seattle. If you're looking for a romantic, candle lit reception venue in Seattle, we recommend checking this place out. The day after their wedding, Matt and Sharon met us at the Olympic Sculpture Park for some Fashion After shoot photos. We spent the day on the Seattle waterfront, Pike's Place, and the general downtown area. They were up for anything and we got some great shots. Thank you for trusting us with your wedding day, Matt and Sharon!