Stacy and RC: Montana Ranch Wedding

As you may recall from their engagement session blog post, Stacy and RC have a mega-rad life: living and working on a ranch in Montana. Let me tell you, the ranch was a spectacular wedding venue.

This was a total DIY wedding, and Stacy and RC are very creative people. Stacy made her silk dress using various pieces of her friends and families' wedding dresses. Very impressive! She constructed her hair flower using feathers and netting, and also made her bridesmaids' hair flower and the bouquets.

After seeing each other for the first time, they headed to the nearest town of Emigrant, MT for a drink at the town's (only) saloon. We also took more pictures around the ranch.

The bridal party was a group of friends, and they were a lot of fun to work with. Just before the ceremony, Stacy and her girls shared some champagne and touching moments. It was emotional and sweet.

Since they spend most of their time at the Montana ranch, Stacy and RC were so grateful to their family and friends who came from all over to come to attend the wedding.It was a joyous ceremony and reception.

This was a hilarious, fun lovin' crowd. Somehow, spontaneous games of leap frog and limbo were started on the dance floor. Awesome!
Stacy and RC: You are an inspiring couple to be around and you are so sweet to each other. Thanks for involving us in your wedding. It was truly unforgettable!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What is the name of the venue, please?

Ross James said...

mountain sky guest ranch :)