Mike and Corrin: Fashion After Session at the Puyallup Fair

It was quite a challenge to set up lights and do a photo shoot amidst the crowds and activity of the fair, but people were very gracious and understanding. Especially when you have a beautiful bride in her wedding dress with you :) Apparently, people have gotten married on the rollercoaster before, so this was nothing new to the fair employees.

It took some smooth talking to be allowed on a ride with our cameras (“we have insurance!”). Ross and I sat strapped in across from Mike and Corrin. Before the ride began, we set our manual focus and hoped for the best. Thinking about composition and focus while spinning around on a ride was something I have never done before. I must admit, about half of mine were blurry! But of course, ROSS got most of them in focus. How does he do it?

After some cotton candy and a ride on the ferris wheel Corrin decided she still wasn't “trashed” enough so she volunteered to go on a water ride!

This was an amazing experience. What other bride would ride the huge swing in her wedding dress? Mike and Corrin: you guys are up for anything and we LOVE you for that!

*Special thanks to photography assistant Rylan Wallette for all the hours you have trekked along with us. Not only this shoot but all the others also! :)

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