Andy & Missy Wedding

Commentary by Melissa
First of all, can we say hot? It was like 100 degrees all day, but I shouldn’t be complaining because I wasn’t the one wearing a layered wedding dress! Besides the heat, everything went great. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and we had a blast hanging out with Andy and Missy and their wedding party the whole day. We also enjoyed working with our other photographer, Aaron, who we bring to help with weddings sometimes. The first chapter of the day was both wedding parties getting ready. First stop: the groom and his guys at their hotel. We showed up with all of our gear, only to find that the party had just started and no one was getting ready. No worries, we got a ton of hilarious candids. From there, we photographed everything from Missy getting ready, to the ceremony, and to the dance floor shenanigans afterward. It was 9 hours well spent, meeting new friends and doing what we love…telling people’s stories.

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