Josh & Courtenay engagement animation!

So this one's just for fun. I (Ross) happened to catch a scene of Josh and Courtenay walking by each other during their engagement photo shoot, and here's a time lapse animation of that moment. (Well, I actually suggested that they walk by each other, so I wouldn't say it just happened, but you know what I mean).

And, here's a very nice email we just received from Courtenay once she saw the pictures on the blog:
"Thank you so much for the amazing pictures!!! My face hurts from smiling so much while we looked at them, and I can't stop looking! :) I can't thank you enough for capturing these memories for us! You guys are the greatest and we are so excited to have you at the wedding!"

And we are excited to be at your wedding too! We can't wait!

Ross James Photography - Josh & Courtenay engagement animation!

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