Trash the Dress -Waterfall Style- with Courtenay and Josh

We met up the day after Courtenay's Portland wedding for her fashion after-shoot (or sometimes called "Trash the Dress" session depending on exactly how dirty we plan on getting :). There were lots of family and friends who came along, and we all formed a long caravan of cars as we drove to the waterfalls. The first waterfall, Latourell Falls, we went to had a ton of wind and water spray at the base, so we were all soaking wet after standing by it for about 10 minutes (which made Courtenay look smokin' hot!).

The whole time we were shooting, I had a Bose speaker sound system strapped around my waist, blasting tunes. Can't have a fashion session without the music! At the second waterfall, Horsetail Falls, Josh and Courtenay started wading in the water. There were lots of people staring at them, and driving up and taking pictures on their cell phones. Everyone was saying, "Is that her real wedding dress?" They couldn't believe it. I was trying to play the part of a fancy photographer, but I ended up losing the facade as I constantly hollered at Ross to be careful! He had two cameras slung around his neck as he ran through slimy water in flip flops. We've already had to replace a camera from water damage. Don't remember? Re-live it HERE :) So I was the lunatic with music blaring from my waist, yelling "Be careful!" to everyone. But everyone kept their balance and we got a lot of great shots.

Third waterfall was at the Bridal Veil Falls, and it was time to get completely wet! Courtenay and Josh started by just sitting in the water. (And more of me yelling CAREFUL as Jeff, our lighting assistant, waded across a rocky stream to place light stand amongst the rushing water and rocks).

Courtenay and Josh planned to jump off a cliff into the base of Bridal Veil waterfall. I won't lie- I was nervous for them! Josh kept on his full suit coat and shoes! Courtenay removed her necklace and earrings, but she had rain boots and her veil on. The whole family counted "1,2,3" and they lept off the cliff and into the water! It was an exhilarating moment, and they were glad they did it. With family cheering, they swam to the shore and we did a few more pictures of the brave couple.

Of course, Ross had to jump off the cliff too, so he climbed up and got ready to jump. Always the photographer, he spent about 2 minutes yelling directions to Jeff and I about how to take the perfect picture of him jumping. I kept laughing because we couldn't really understand him with the rushing water and all. But he's always got to get the perfect picture and it was killing him that he couldn't take it himself! He jumped, and we took the picture, so all was well (In the slide show below).

And here is a slide show with 45 photos from the day below!! Or open it in a separate window.

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