Dana and Gerald's Pre-Wedding Celebration

Gerald and Dana invited us to photograph their "pre-wedding" party before their destination wedding this month. They decided to travel to Phoenix, AZ and say their vows on a hot air balloon, so family and friends were invited to this party at their family farm to help them celebrate the upcoming wedding ceremony. This was the same farm that Dana's daughter- Kylie- had her senior pictures taken at last year. (See her session HERE).

When we arrived, there was a little down time before we began so I (Melissa) went to the bar and grabbed the Jack Daniels bottle to get some ring shots. Dana loved it because "that's Gerald's drink!" This was some serious cake. I think Dana said there was a layer of chocolate espresso, but all I know is that it melted in my mouth. And it was shaped like a hot air balloon, of course!

We started with some casual pictures to capture their life on the farm, where they live and work side by side everyday. We had the idea to do some pictures on the kitchen counter because Dana said they hang out in the kitchen all of the time anyway, so why not show it in the pictures?

After the party, Dana wrote to us, saying, "Thank you again!! You guys are SO amazing! I was lying in bed Sunday morning reliving the entire night, and my favorite part of the whole event was the pictures.  Because the two of you are so great and easy to be around, Gerald really got into it and truly enjoyed himself.Thanks so much for making our wedding memories the best they could ever be!"

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