Kyle and Sammy Jo: Engagement pictures

Sammy and Kyle met at CWU, where they both currently attend. They both love a country lifestyle, so we all agreed that their engagement session should be out in the country near Ellensburg and Yakima. We started the session in a gorgeous field near Sammy's house, complete with wild flowers and a sunny, blue sky. Kyle is your typical guy- showing up for the engagement session because his fiance wants him to. But about 30 minutes into the session, he said, “This is easy. We just hang around, I flirt with Sammy, and you take the picture. I can do this.” Exactly! They were both so easy to work with and we all had a good time hanging out.
After the pictures in the field were done, we got into our cars and started to head towards the Yakima Canyon for more pictures. About 2 minutes later, their car skidded to a stop and Sammy pointed to an old cattle shoot on the side of the road. Could we use that? Ross ended up being very inspired and we spent awhile there. Sometimes those unexpected moments are our favorite!

We eventually made our way towards the Canyon and made a few stops down by the Yakima River for some more pictures. Next, we drove to Sammy's childhood home- an apple orchard in Yakima. There were chickens, tractors, red barns, an old farm house (with a real claw bathtub!), and lots of blooming flowers. Sweet!

Sammy and Kyle: we can't wait for your August wedding! We hope you love your pictures as much as we do! :)

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