Jessica & Dan: University of Washington and Pike Place Engagement pictures

When we'd met with Jessica and Dan before their session, Ross and I could tell that they were up for adventure and fashion inspired pictures. We had a lot of fun suggesting ideas during the shoot. Jessica and Dan met at U-Dub, so it was only fitting that we started their session at the quad, where the blooms were still on the trees. I enjoyed hearing how they met on campus. (Both insist the other one was the one to make the first move)!
Before we had a chance to start shooting in the quad, a herd of mascot farm animals came running up to us to advertise for a campus event. We said, “We can't go to your event, but do you want to be in a picture?” And that's how we ended up with this hilarious picture! What a way to start an engagement session!

After leaving U-Dub, we headed to Downtown Seattle to get some Pike Place and waterfront pictures. Someone had the idea that Jessica and Dan should kiss in a crowd, so they stood amidst the Pike Place shoppers and smooched for the camera! I was holding a light while Ross shot and I enjoyed hearing all of the comments as people walked by.

Jessica and Dan: thanks for being up for anything! We're looking forward to your wedding to see what other adventurous pictures we all come up with!

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