Mike and Corrin: Seattle WA wedding

We've shot with Mike and Corrin on 3 occasions now and they are really fun people! Can't wait to post about their post-wedding shoot very soon. Here's a couple from their engagement shoot that we posted about a while ago.

Mike and Corrin's wedding was truly a Seattle city wedding. It was a fitting weekend to shoot in the city since we'd just moved to Pike place that very week! It only made sense to start this city wedding at Mike and Corrin's new city apartment.
About half way through Corrin's getting ready pictures, Ross went over to photograph the guys “getting ready”. They must have gotten ready really fast because they surprised all of us later with some hilarious groomsmen pictures taken around Queen Anne.

After seeing each other for the first time in the Queen Anne neighborhood, we headed to Cafe Vita for a coffee break. The baristas very kindly allowed us to snap a few of Mike and Corrin while they enjoyed their coffee.

Then we went to Easy Street Records (in Queen Anne, Seattle) for some more pictures. When we walked in, the Easy Street record guys were asking, “Are you really getting married today? Are you a bride?” They were very welcoming and even followed us around and took some pictures of their own. Rock on!

After talking with Mike and Corrin before the wedding, they let us know that they weren't trying for a sexy or flirty style. They just wanted to be themselves. They brought along plenty of ideas, including a “prop box” to use during the couple pictures. We love it! When we got to Kerry Park for more pictures, it was super crowded. (There were two other brides getting pictures too!) While Ross went to go find a unique spot, Corrin's brother put on some of their favorite tunes. They started slow dancing right there on the sidewalk and we realized there was no need to find a spot- they're already ready! It was a really cool moment, and we just hung back and spied on them while they did their thing. This was the real first dance of the day!

The ceremony was held at Bhy Kracke Park in Seattle, WA. The looming city skyline and string quartet made for a stunning atmosphere. The reception was held at The 415 Westlake event center. Corrin provided hilarious props for the photo booth and the guests loved it! (We did too).

Mike and Corrin: You have both been extremely fun to photograph and your affection for each other is so cute! Can't wait to see what kind of crazy adventures you both end up on in the future. :)

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