Rick & Misty Wedding: Elk Landing House at Suncadia in Roslyn, WA

Rick and Misty live in North Bend, WA and they wanted to find a wedding location that would provide a constant atmosphere of celebration for their intimate wedding. They chose the Elk Landing house at the Suncadia Resort near Roslyn, WA. Elk Landing is a stunning 3 story, 6,200 square feet home with 7 bedrooms that overlooks the 14th green on Suncadia's Rope Rider golf course.

Because this was an intimate wedding with fewer than 75 guests, Misty's best friend was her maid of honor, and her best friend's son was Rick's "groomsman". Before the wedding started, we all headed to the tiny Western town of Roslyn to get some interesting pictures.

They had a short ceremony outside behind the house, directly overlooking the golf course. It was a sweet, simple ceremony with their guests casually sitting on benches or chairs, or standing with drinks in hand.

Immediately after the wedding, Misty's caterer had fresh food displayed in the living room. Since most of the guests were family or very close friends, they all knew each other and didn't waste any time getting the party started. Music started playing in the living room and everyone started dancing. (See the slideshow below)

We were able to display 100 of Misty and Rick's pictures on a large screen TV in the living room. It was so amazing to see both of them (and their guests) so excited about the pictures. Misty later recalled, "Rick and I were blown away by the fraction of the pictures we got to view. In fact, we kept asking ourselves, 'Is that really us?'" Meanwhile, the party was also jumping down in the basement. There was a pool game going, and sports games were playing on the TV's. The guests were loving the basement's full bar and it was an exciting atmosphere!

As soon as the photobooth was announced, everyone jumped in on it! This was the first time we introduced a photobooth at a wedding. I (Melissa) took silly pictures of the guests while Ross and Jeff (our assistant) continued to get shots of the reception festivities. After the wedding, we edited all of the photobooth pictures and grouped them into sets of 4. These pictures are going to be included on the Disc of fully edited pictures that Misty and Rick receive. PERFECT for thank you cards! (Photobooths and all of the photobooth pictures are now part of most of our wedding packages!)

Here's 64 highlights of the day in a slideshow: (If it doesn't show up below, you can open in it a new window)

Rick and Misty: we had a blast meeting with you earlier this year and we KNEW this was going to be a very fun wedding. You both are wonderful people and we wish you all the best in the future!

P.S. Here's part of an email we received from Misty: "We want to express our gratitude for the amazing day we experienced with the three of you. You were so gracious, professional and tremendously creative. You are extremely talented individuals that have been given a gift." Thank you so much, Misty!

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