Lucas and Jackie Wedding

Jackie and Lucas are both such friendly, completely genuine people- so they were super easy to photograph. Just don't try to make them be serious, because this couple loves to laugh and kid around with each other. I can't tell you how many pictures there are of Jackie throwing her head back in laughter. And Lucas is a very polite and good natured guy. He's a great dad, too. (You may recognize them and their son, Landon, from their engagement shoot earlier this year. Check it out HERE). It was so nice that we'd already spent time together during the engagement session. On her wedding day, Jackie said, "Normally I'd be all nervous about the pictures, but I just think, it's Ross! We're friends!" That's exactly how I felt too!

Their wedding was held at Springwood Ranch in Thorp, WA and Jackie and her bridesmaids got ready at a family friend's home in Ellensburg. This was a great house for getting ready pictures. The bathroom was long, narrow, and very well lit with lots of mirrors! The adjacent bedroom had an ivory leather couch, tan carpet, tan blinds, and a tan wall. Like a studio set up for a bridal photo shoot!

On the slideshow (bottom of this post) you'll see a picture of the bridesmaids crowded around a laptop. That's because one of Jackie's bridesmaids couldn't make it to the wedding because she was deployed to Afghanistan one month before the wedding. So they all made a "Skype" appointment and her extra bridesmaid got to chat with the girls and see Jackie in her dress. And speaking of her dress, Jackie had a corset built into her dress so that it was all one piece. Genius idea! Her dress stayed put throughout the day- without her having to constantly pull it up (which almost every bride ends up having to do).

The ceremony at Springwood ranch was casual, and there was even a beer table set up for guests to "partake" during the ceremony. Doesn't that tender wedding kiss just make you fall in love with love all over again?

At the reception, the party favors were custom made bags that guests could fill with apples and pears from Jackie's parents' orchards. Cute! And creative! (Guests loved it). We also had another chance to introduce our newest feature: a photo booth

While planning her wedding awhile back, Jackie told us she wanted her wedding pictures to be "fun, fresh, classic, cute, adventurous, realistic, and simple". I wrote those words down in big letters on her schedule and read them often throughout the day. It really is ALL about the bride and what she envisions her pictures to look like. :) I hope we achieved the vision you were looking for, Jackie. We had a great time!

After her wedding, Jackie wrote: "'re more like friends than photographers :) It was a blast working with you and we are stoked to see the pictures. Thanks so much for everything, it was a ton of fun. Everyone really liked the slide show and the photo booth!"

Below is a slide show with 55 photos from the day. I had to put in a U2 song since Ross will be photographing them in one week from today! :) Click here if it doesn't show up below.

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