Tommy & Morgan Wedding: Ritter Farms

Morgan is a former rodeo princess from Ellensburg and Tommy is a sweet, nice guy who runs a family business with his dad. Both Tommy and Morgan are both so sweet to each other. You may recognize them from their "airplane proposal" and engagement session on our blog. (See their engagement blog post HERE).

Morgan's outfit had just the right mix of classic and "bling bling", and her Maggie Sotero dress fit her to a tee! Her mother is a hair dresser, so between her mom and her bridesmaids, they made sure her curls weren't too tight, but hung in loose, flowing waves.

Morgan was looking for a wedding location that some country charm, but that was also "classy", as she put it. They chose Ritter Farms near Cle Elum, WA. Ritter farms is a very well kept, landscaped property. The red house, barn, and surrounding buildings are this delicious shade of crisp, apple red. There are willow trees and fields, plus its surrounded by the forest of central Washington. Pretty cool.

There are so many options of where to have an outdoor ceremony at Ritter Farms, and they chose to have the ceremony on a little island in front of the red barn. The bridal party was staggered behind them and it all made for a stunning presentation. Morgan teared up during her vows and there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd- or none that I (Melissa) saw anyway (myself included). I can't help it- I always cry when someone else cries. Well, I'm pretty sure Ross wasn't crying because every time I saw him, he was running in a field to get a good shot, or standing on a fence or something crazy like that :)

It's a lot of fun to photograph Morgan. She's this interesting combination of super fun and super serious. One minute, she's smiling and laughing real hard, and the next, she glares right at the camera with a fierce look in her eye (which is very fun to photograph). So in case you think she's not happy or something, she is! She's very outgoing and full of life, but she can really bring it in front of a camera with a variety of emotions. Not to leave Tommy out or anything- he did great too. He looked at Morgan with love the whole time, and he kissed her every time we asked. :)

Tommy and Morgan's parents are all friends, so there was a closeness between the two families, which was nice. Also, it seemed like most of Morgan's bridesmaids all knew each other, so they all had a lot of fun together throughout the whole wedding day. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth!

For a total of 69 photos from the day, here's a slide show :) Or open Tommy and Morgan's slide show it in a separate window.

Tommy and Morgan: It was so much fun to photograph your surprise proposal, and then your wedding. You truly have a wonderful love story, and we wish you the best!

After her wedding, Morgan wrote on Ross' facebook wall:
"...we absolutely love the pictures! They are beautiful. Thank you! It was so fun working with both you and Melissa. You truly made our day even more memorable, fun, and absolutely unforgettable. We enjoyed every moment of the time we were able to spend with you both, and were so happy you were such a big part of our day and this season of our lives. You both have been such a blessing. Thank you for everything!"


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