Josh & Natalie's Wedding

Natalie has been my (Melissa) best friend since 9th grade, so it was an honor to not only be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but also to photograph part of her wedding day. Their intimate wedding was held at the Masonic Center in Spokane, WA and her colors were various shades of green, turquoise, and gold.

When it was time to photograph Natalie and Josh before the ceremony, we chose to take some at the Davenport Hotel (where they were staying) and in front of the ceremony room at The Masonic Center. Both locations captured Natalie's wedding style perfectly, and it was so hard to focus my lens since I was teary-eyed the whole time! :)

And here's a slide show with 56 photos:

Natalie and Josh: you've both been such great friends to Ross and I. Thank you for including us in your wedding!


Will Salomon said...

Got to know your site and your work through Crash's site thestillimage. You guys do awesome work. Really inspiring.

Ross James said...

Will- Thank you for coming by and for the comment!
Ross James