Lucas & Jackie: Engagement pictures

Lucas and Jackie are getting married in Thorp, WA this September. They currently live in the Portland area, but wanted to return to Ellensburg- Jackie's hometown- for their engagement pictures. We started the session at Jackie's childhood home, which happens to be located in the middle of a gorgeous orchard. It wasn't hard to find inspiration! Jackie and Lucas both wanted to include their little 8 month old son, Landon. Landon has the cutest chubby cheeks that I (Melissa) couldn't stop pinching! He loved the attention, and hammed it up the whole time. Next, we headed to downtown Ellensburg to get a few more shots before the sun went down.

Here's what Jackie had to say when she saw the pictures:
"Hi guys! Wow!!! The pictures are absolutely amazing! You guys got some great pics and we are so pumped and can't wait for you to do the wedding!"

Jackie & Lucas: you are both a lot of fun to hang out with, and we're also looking forward to the wedding! I can't wait to see little Landon in a suit, walking down the aisle!

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