Sean & Marcie: Engagement pictures

Sean and Marcie are a delightful couple from the west side of Washington state who are getting married in Mexico this month. Although they're having an adventurous destination wedding, they still wanted to capture the memories they have from going to CWU and enjoying Eastern WA. So to commemorate the days when they first met in college, we chose to take pictures at Cave B winery and the surrounding area. While at Cave B, we took advantage of the contrasting desert terrain and the gorgeous orchard trees in full bloom. At one point, Marcie pointed out a rusted, old wheel and wondered if it would make a good prop for pictures. I (Melissa) held the giant wheel in place as they did their best to share a romantic moment. (Marcie was propped up rather precariously on the wheel the whole time). Brave couple! The resulting pictures were worth it! We ended the night down by the Columbia River, in the middle of the Gorge. Sean and Marcie: we wish you guys the best of luck and have a BLAST in Mexico!!!!

I (Melissa) snapped a shot of what Ross looked like (below) as he captured this moment between Sean and Marcie. He asked me to help hold him up, but I only made it worse. So I stepped back and decided to take his picture instead. :)

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