What Wedding Locations Inspire You?

What inspires you? When you dream of your wedding, what colors and landscapes do you imagine? What mood and atmosphere speak "dream wedding" to you? What breathtaking moments do you play out in your mind? Are you riding a galloping black horse down a woodsy trail, cute and blushing in a flower garden, or are you seductive and mysterious in a candle-lit, evening ceremony?

If you're having a little trouble finding your dream location, stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts about our favorite WA and OR locations on the "Wedding Location Reviews" button above. The Northwest offers so many diverse wedding locations to choose from! Where else can you choose between lush green forests and dry, desert Gorges? Some of our favorite WA locations are away from the skyscapers of Seattle and instead, have a "wide open" feel with room to breathe. And of course, you can count on nicer weather in the summer with less chance of rain! On the other hand, a "city" bride in a short, sexy dress hailing a cab in Seattle would be a great portrait location too! No matter where we travel in the U.S., we find ourselves continually drawn to the friendly vibe of Portland, the magic of the forest in Central WA, the excitement of Seattle, and the beauty of the Gorge in both eastern OR and WA.

These places speak to us on a deep level and inspire both creativity and excitement in us. Hopefully they will inspire you too, and perhaps help you define your wedding style. Look for more blog posts very soon that describe some of these wedding locations!

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